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What is a Deva Cut? Are you the right candidate for a Deva cut?

If you’re not quite sure about what a Deva Cut is, and if you are wondering if this service is for you, here are some questions you can ask yourself to determine if you’re a good candidate for this service. Do you have naturally curly/ wavy hair? Do you typically wear your hair naturally curly or straight? I’m sure every curly girl has an experience where they went to the salon wanting a small trim and came out with way more off then they wanted, because why would you cut curly hair wet and pulled straight when that’s not how you where it?

Cutting curly hair this way is the equivalent to cutting blindly because you can’t see how the hair will lay when it’s dry. Deva cuts are done on dry curly/wavy hair —  this way you can see exactly how much is being cut and exactly how it will look when you’re wearing it dry how you would normally where it. After the first initial cut, the hair is washed, styled, and diffused and any final touches that need to be made are made.

How do you maintain curly hair?

Water is curly hair’s best friend! There is a big misconception around curly hair products, and when people see water as the first ingredient on a product they may believe the product is too diluted, however — this is not the case. Products with water listed as first ingredient are extremely moisturizing for curly hair. The ingredients one should actually avoid include parabens, sulfates, and alcohol — as they cause the hair to become dry and frizzy. 

Something else to consider when maintaining your style is wrapping your hair at night, whether in a satin scarf, bonnet, or just a satin pillow case. This minimizes frizzing, and the need to restyle your hair every morning. When done consistently, you will also see a huge difference in the shine of your hair. 

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